“Protect your vision against glare and UV rays without compromising your unique style”


Direct sunlight, glare, reflections from water and snow, as well as artificial light sources can all damage your vision if it isn’t protected appropriately.


For many people, sunglasses are an accessory. We all want the latest designer sunglasses so that we look good when sunbathing in the garden, walking around town or visiting the beach on holiday.


Our wide range of sunglasses from renowned designers such as Tag Heuer, Oakley and Ray-Ban are certain to protect your vision and enhance your own unique style.


It’s important to remember that sunglasses are essential protection for your vision. Harmful UV rays can cause damage to your eyes, just as they do to your skin, much like sunburn. Your eyes can feel gritty and quite uncomfortable if they are not protected effectively.


High quality sunglasses should block out 99-100% of UV radiation, screen out 75-90% light and be completely free from distortion. Without this, you run the risk of damaging your eye health and even increase the risk of cataracts later in life.


Our fantastic, style-focused team of dispensing opticians will be on hand to help you select the sunglasses that best suit you and your lifestyle. We will ensure that the frames fit comfortably and discuss the lens options available to you.


Our on-site laboratory means that we can alter your sunglasses for you and ensure they fit comfortably before you leave our practice.

“Oakley have been at the cutting edge of sports and lifestyle Sunglasses since the 70’s”


Keith Walker & Reeks Opticians, as we were known back in the day, have been an Official Oakley dealer for over 20 years.


Whether you’re interested in their frames for sport or just the style, Oakley have enough options to suit everyone. They cater for pretty much every sport under the sun (or on the snow for that matter), from Sunglasses designed specifically designed with skateboarders in mind, to Goggles for skiing and motorcross. If in your sport you need protection for your eyes, Oakley will have thought of it.


The range of sunglasses has always been incredibly varied with a large array of colours in each style, just check out their online catalogue. Whether it’s a different frame colour, a change in the tint or something a bit more ‘out-there’ style wise, the Oakley website could keep you browing for days!


NOW, as if that wasn’t enough, you can customise their frames to the exact colours and style you want. These are available with standard or prescription lenses. Just click the link above to be sent over to Official Oakley website and follow the instructions to create your very own Oakley frames.

Should you have any queries or problems feel free to get in touch with us via email/phone/social media and we’ll do our best to help.

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