Contact Lenses

Sometimes glasses aren’t convenient or right for ‘that’ look, for those situations we’ve got you covered with a contact lenses to correct every prescription.

From the very occasional Daily Disposable wearer to tailor made hard & soft lenses for monthly or even annual replacement, modern advances in technology allow us to correct more prescriptions than ever before. Challenge us to find a contact lens that works for you & your vision. 

Daily disposable

Convenient for those with irregular wearing times or struggle with solutions/hygiene (perfect for kids/teenagers!). There’s a huge variety in lenses for every need & budget.


More enviromentally friendly option as you keep the lenses for a full month, but require cleaning daily. We can correct a MUCH larger range of prescriptions & they are usually better value than Daily Disposable.

Tailor made

When ‘off-the-peg’ CLs don’t fit comfortably or provide good enough vision, we can have a bespoke made lens that will meet your individual requirements.

Gas Permeable lenses

Much longer replacement lenses, usually 6 or 12 months at least, made specifically to fit you. Less commonly seen these days but a great option for some prescriptions.


Each type of Contact Lens will have an option for those of you who need that extra flexability from distance to near.

Astigmatic lenses

A large percentage of the population has some degree of astigmatism, whether or not you need it corrected, each lens type will have an option available.

Overnight wear lenses

There are circumstances when it is just easier, more practical to sleep in lenses, we supply lenses that are safe and licensed for this task.

We are happy to go through all the options with you before you try the lenses & will provide you with the support after fitting the lenses to make sure you’re confident & the contact lenses remain comfortable throughout your wearing schedule.

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